Hi !


My name is Raymundo I. Garza Villalobos, I´m a mexican  Graphic Designer / Filmmaker, Photography  enthusiast and full time  all around design passionate. Most of the times my inspiration comes from music, A single sound, instrument or a song usually spark the desire inside me to create anything visual, it´s just the way I see how music sets the tone for a particular feeling which I then enjoy turning it into something visually enjoyable.

I began enjoying design even before I could realize design was a job, since an early age I have been a film addict, I think that´s were my passion for cameras and all that geek special effects came from.

These are my professional interest areas:

Motion Graphics / Cinematography / Graphic Design / Editing / 3D modeling


To me, Design is by far not a static thing, design is passion for making things better, more readable, more enjoyable. It is constantly evolving since our needs and ways to understand the world are constantly changing. Even graphic design should not be a static discipline, this era is hungry for movement and design should evoke motion.

I believe, that philosophy  is the key to do effective, aesthetic and problem solving design, it does not stop at some publicity advertisement, nor at some amazing photo shooting, design is a way of life, and by saying that, I really believe  image awareness plays a key role in order to present ourselves or a company in the right way to the world.


Raymundo I. Garza V.

LDG Graphic designer


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